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Convection Ovens for bake off:
Reliability + Quality = Gierre Logo


Cornish Connection started selling Gierre ovens over 15 years ago as we found they were the best on the market; their reliability and construction have earned them fame on the European and world wide market, so they are the ovens we want to sell.

15 years on, the Gierre name is still as exellent as ever, which is very important to us.
Being a family run business, our reputation means everything. We have a history of happy customers, some who keep coming back to us time and time again for Gierre quality and this is what gives Gierre and us our excellent reputation.

We have a strong relationship with Italy and Gierre, producing a brilliant partnership which gives our customers the reliability and value for money they deserve.
Being centrally based in the Cotswolds is perfect for UK wide distribution.
All this, making us the No1 distributer of Italian Gierre ovens in the UK.

All wholesale and retail enquiries welcome, please contact us for our latest prices.